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How {simple starfish} came to be.... 

After having my second son, I went in search of a "mommy necklace".  I knew I didn't want the typical little stick figures or baby shoes.  I wanted something unique.  I wanted something simple.  I also really wanted to incorporate my love of the beach in some way.  Unable to find anything like what I envisioned, I decided to make it myself so I began a journey of learning how to make hand stamped jewelry.  Since I have always loved all things related to the beach, especially starfish, my very first design was the {little starfish} necklace.  The little starfish represent my little starfish babies!  I love this necklace so much and had so many compliments on it. 



The more I wore my new little starfish necklace, the more people asked about it.  Requests came from friends, family and coworkers.  One person wanted me to design a new baby necklace and another wanted a necklace for her grandmother.  And of course , lots of requests for mommy necklace.  The moms who were the most happy were the ones whose children had unusual names or spellings and could never find anything with their names.  This is the magic of custom jewelry!

I was so happy to have designed exactly what I had been looking for and couldn't find!  I realized there were other jewelry pieces that I had been looking for and I could never seem to find.  Simple, everyday jewelry and seasonal jewelry that was good quality, pretty and simple.  I began dreaming up other designs, specifically focusing on all of the exact pieces of jewelry that I would like to wear.

And that is how {simple starfish} began.

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